Top 15 Email Marketing Tips You Must Try for Small Businesses

November 25, 2019

Email marketing is one of the most underrated business expansion techniques. Social media came as a game-changer, and suddenly the mob turned to its engaging charisma. Social media has proved itself to be a great source of income and leads, but email marketing, if done right, can bring an equal amount of leads and that too at a reasonable cost. This article will show you some amazing email marketing tips that can drive you a lot of traffic.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Your Small Business?

  • The growing or fresh businesses are initially low on budget but need a lot of marketing to appear in SERP and among people. For this, they require a cheap alternative to all other expensive marketing tactics. Email marketing service is one such thing that remains cheap and has a good approach towards viewers.
  • As it’s cheap, there is a good number of email marketing software available in the market, and you can rely upon them because of the features they offer, including the cost and delivering the mail in the user’s inbox instead of the spam folder.
  • Recently a large number of small business holders tried getting user attention through email marketing, and they gained significant growth in the sales number.

Email Marketing Benefits

  • Email marketing can boost your sales to a good extent as it can be personalized for your hot leads.
  • You can specifically send your emails to people whom you wish to have business relations as well.
  • You can send targeted emails to your audience. It means you can categorize your audience and share semi-personalized emails to them.
  • It is one of the most convenient ways to establish your brand. You can introduce yourself the way you want while defining your target audience. It is easy to do and requires less training, funds, and effort than others.

Email Marketing Tips

1. Not to Spam

It will be a big mistake if you are sending your mails to your user’s spam mailbox. It leaves a bad impression on the user, reduces the open rates and Google may penalize such mails as well.  Your email marketing campaign can be highly beneficial if you optimize the same correctly. Building this task on your own would be interesting.

Your website or online place should have a subscribe button. It will get you the most relevant leads which are near to close soon. You can send as many emails to these leads as you wish, perhaps don’t fill-up their inboxes. In case anybody doesn’t want to get your emails anymore, they should have the liberty to unsubscribe to your emails, hence keep a note of that.

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Alternately, if you have hired some email marketing agency, make sure you get a proper report of each activity taking place, including the number of emails sent, open rate, leads, spam, etc.

2. Newsletter vs. Letter

A newsletter contains various aspects and types of content pieces. It could be written copies, images, infographics, videos, etc. They undertake a lot of information to serve the user with the best suitable content but also hold the chances of getting into spam if the images are used heavily. On the other hand, a letter is simply a long format copy that states the motive and necessary information about the subject.

They are less engaging due to negligible visuals but are most likely to reach the inbox. It is debatable which method will get you the traffic and only hit and try can bring some concrete analytics.

3. The subject line is the key

The subject line of your email works like a title in your article. It is super important to have a great subject line or title because it acts as the first impression on the user. It is often said that your 80% job is to create the title of your content, and the rest of the 20% includes everything else. An impressive subject is all you need to get your mail opened.

It is very disgraceful that you invested so much on your mailer, and the end-user doesn’t open it. Always make a to-the-point subject line pinpointing the exact purpose of your email while attaching the value that the user is about to get from you. This way, your target audience will always consider opening your email.  

4. Make it Scannable for User

One can’t expect their users to invest a good time going through their emails; they open up the mail, scan it from top to bottom, and move forward to other mails. During this scanning, they search for something which may interest them.

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So, focus on the content that you want to deliver here. If you can present that in such a way that scanner eyes can spot the value in it, consider your job done. You can either use a valuable text or gif or the best one – infographic.

A magazine can put up a collage of best stories of the week/month, Chef can place the best dish cooked, and a consumer electronics manufacturer can highlight the best price on the goods. You can design it as per your business niche.

5. Noticeable CTA

Your CTA should be visible big and bold. The ultimate goal of your email is to get the leads or get your product sold. Hence, your CTA shouldn’t be just a button. Try to add value around your CTA, like providing a discount or a gift or voucher – something that can allure your audience to get a click.

Always make the CTA bigger than the other content. It is important because every user will not scan the entire page; rather he/she may get convinced with the first impression of the mailer and want to go ahead with it.

6. Provide quality content in mailers

Your mailer is representing your brand in the market. Alike your sales team who roams in the market to build a fan base and demand in the market. Hence the content of your mail should be valuable and add some value to the user’s overall experience.

The entire flow of the email marketing copy that converts should be engaging, and the user must remain stuck to your email till the last sentence or bits of it. The design of the email could be basic, but its value part should appear in the very beginning. Search for the problems that the user may have and how your product can bring solutions to them. Such a valuable part encourages them to check out the entire email.

7. Keep your Mails Relevant

You are sending the emails to the leads received from the subscriber button on your website. Consider the leads received as your earnings and your subscribers should receive what they are searching for.  Make your content relevant to the user’s demands. For this, you can categorize people’s choice and basis that you can build multiple emails.

It is one of the email marketing best practices to keep your viewer engaged in the content and at last clicking the CTA. Irrelevant content is like serving ice cream instead of coffee. It won’t satisfy users and end in unsubscribing from your subscription.

8. Use your SEO skills here as well

SEO is all about bringing traffic to the website. With emails, you always wish to catch the user’s attention to the primary motive of the emailer. Hence, you should also try to use some keywords to your emails. If you don’t have much exposure towards finding keywords, go to Google and type in your favorite keyword without pressing the enter key. You’ll notice that few phrases are appearing in the drop-down fashion. Bingo!

These are the keywords that you should target in your emailer. This activity doesn’t require much effort in terms of doing this, and you can easily locate your keywords to be used. They act as a good pillar and avoid getting the email going into spam. Using this in the subject line would be great.

9. Perform Emails Analysis

Analytics is the most important observatory part here. The process of email marketing starts with building a good story or flow of your campaign. You can start from the copy creation to getting the images and videos. With this comes the step when you share it with your connections.

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The whole process of the email marketing campaign goes through various amendments and iterations. After sharing the email, you must know the open rates and conversions. The analysis report shows you the week and strong points and allows you to decide on the next batch of the emailers. The whole motive of the email campaign is to convert a viewer into a customer. If it is not getting fulfilled, your campaign isn’t worthy.

10. Use Social media for and in your emails

Social media is huge. It is the most innovative way of distributing the content of all types. Though social media and email marketing may differ in their process, they can be used within one another to serve the complete or partial purpose.

There is a huge possibility that the social media platform is having more users than your website. Hence, you can run a campaign where you can share some exciting content against the user’s leads. This way you can build a stronger subscriber base to which can be used in your email marketing service.

11. Value time, keep it short

Nobody has time to go through someone else’s entire marketing campaign letter. Hence, your mailer should focus on the key subject instead of plot building. Try to start with a brief introduction and proceed towards sharing knowledge about the products.

Put a call to action after this which will take the user to a website, lead form page, product page, etc. Hence, the shorter the length of the emailer, the higher is the probability of getting it closed positive. Try to keep it straight and avoid putting unnecessary content, and for that, you need to be selective as the content that you would have thought of may require a good amount of sorting.

12. Visuals and Videos

Using images instead of text would be beneficial cause visuals are always appealing than written copies. You can also use videos and gifs in your emailer to make it more appealing and engaging. A good product should always have good visuals to help people understand its functioning. Infographic representation in an emailer works like anything to get the conversion.

13. Perfect timing and Frequency

It is very important to judge if the mailer is to be sent in which duration of the day. The most common and successful time is between 9 to 11 and evening 5 to 8. It is the time when people are either going to work or returning from there. Perhaps, you may have a different suitable timing depending upon the product.

Secondly, the frequency of the emailers should be measured basis the evolution in the alleged industry. If your niche is fast-growing, you can have a better frequency of emails and vice versa. Just note that with such mails, you would be taking up some space from a user’s mailbox. So, don’t fill up that like junk, and keep the frequency optimized.

14. No Content, Don’t Mail

It sometimes happens that the industry isn’t performing so well or you are into the phase of upgrade and not introducing anything new to present to your clients. In such a case, instead of sending any outdated information, it is better to stay calm and not send any mail. It will put a bad impression on your users if you share anything outdated.

15. Mobile-Friendly Emailers

70% of the population or even more who is online is using their smart-phones for all such activities. Hence, your emailer should be mobile optimized. Make every mailer responsive so that it can fit with different screen sizes, and your campaign works out nicely.

The emailers designed with desktop systems in mind may get out of the screen, and going through the entire mailer would be troublesome. You can take the help of a good designer if you are putting up a few informational things in it.

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