Usage of Email Marketing Funnels for your Business!

December 23, 2018

You can always spend hours creating, compelling and writing the amazing benefits of your email series. But sending the email series to your subscribers without knowing the interest of your buyer isn’t a good idea. In fact, it’s a waste of time. There is always the same ultimate goal for all the businesses. It’s in your hand to decide what you want and how you get but what you will get is still out of your hand. You have to sell the product in the most appropriate way until its demand touches the sky. How to achieve this target without much confusion? Let us now have a look at the different schemes of email marketing funnels as per your business.

What is the marketing funnel?

If we talk in simple language funnel is a process or way through which your business has to do the accomplishments. A marketing funnel is a tool which helps you to picture the buyer journey which begins from the introduction to beyond conversion.


The top of the funnel explains the point of creating awareness. Your customers must not be aware of your product and its brand. It is better to create possible prospects for customers by making educational content and discount code.


At this stage, your subscribers must be thinking a lot about your company as well as the product’s value. They are now interested in learning more facts about you. Now you can also send the targeted content related to the problems they are facing. It will show your concern about their problems in the form of solutions.


At this particular point, your subscribers are mentally prepared to accept the advantages/service of the products. Once they know the benefits of the product or service, they are now ready to buy or ignore. Well, it’s better to keep your eyes on the benefits and services of the products rather just explaining its functions.


This is something which cannot be achieved without the authenticity. Hence, make sure that your new customer feels attracted towards the product by the useful and relevant content you have offered. Trust has to be maintained by giving exactly what shown or discussed. Once it’s done I can assure they will come back to buy from you again.


This point has all the happiness in its nature. It can happen only in one condition when your buyer becomes your fan than just being a regular face. They feel to share all your stuff over the internet also along with their families and friends. You can always encourage them by giving rewards as referrals.

Keep on developing strategies over marketing funnel in your brain. It will help you do better business. With five main points you can slowly and steadily win the race and it not willing to win, at least you can survive with great opportunities. Let’s revise it whole in a simple way that how marketing funnels works –

  1. Conversion of more prospects in to customers
  2. More customers in to regular customers
  3. Regularity in customers means more fan following
  4. Fan means more publicity
  5. More publicity means more business
  6. More business is equals to more MONEY!!

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