Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

November 15, 2019

Customer support and branding are the two important aspects of any business. It takes a lot of effort to establish a brand and rank in customer satisfaction. In recent times, chatbots have entered the webspace to assist business interaction with the client without human intervention. Chatbots have bought a significant amount of engagement, and unlike traditional systems, chatbots can handle multiple tasks in one go. Hence they are efficient and fast to assist customers in real-time.

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a combination of chatting platforms and robots, which implies an automated system that can chat with a user, understand their query and take necessary action. It is a part of artificial intelligence that helps in understanding the user’s query. It follows the AIDA sales algorithm to bring any action into execution with which the entire sales funnel gets served. The AIDA model is widely used in marketing and advertising. AIDA is an acronym that stands for Attention or Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Why Facebook Chatbots?

Facebook Chatbot comes with a variety of features that no other automated chat platform is delivering. Being a social media platform, you can build your client base and friends, which later act as your prospective customers. Its share and call facility are among the most innovative approaches that make it a boon for businesses. Let’s discuss the top 10 reasons your business needs a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

1. Era of Automation

Coming years will see a lot of automation in almost every industry. Facebook Messenger Chatbots will be a great choice for businesses that are now tangled into the hectic processes. Chatbots have learned to behave like humans, and they understand the customer and his/her query. While handling multiple clients, Chatbot can resolve maximum queries on its own in minimum time. Hence, the efficiency is getting manifold here while expenses are dropping.

2. Easily Accessible

Being one of the busiest social media platforms, Facebook has the edge over others with its easy to access customer ability. A Facebook message holds much better chances of being opened by a user than any other random mail. Hence, the first step of reaching your customer is fulfilled. Better open rate implies better chances of traffic and eventually a sale.

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Facebook Chatbot keeps track of people visiting your page in the past and stores their information basis their preferences. It helps you in sending your sponsored ad to each such user. So, with every new user, you are getting one subscriber for your ads.

3. Cost-Efficient

A customer support system is one of the most tedious systems in any organization. You may receive thousands of queries in a day, and managing them all on time is the biggest nightmare for the in-charge of this mess. Any client who’s waiting for his/her turn in the queue is as important as a quality lead. Thus, Chatbots have come up as a savior to all this.

It can handle multiple clients at once and take them across the whole process of any particular task. It can serve the clients with each query; still, if a user intends to talk to a human, Chatbot will redirect the line to their human customer care representative. This way, businesses can save a lot of bucks.

4. Quality Lead Generation

Chatbots are made with the utmost precision to detect potential customers. They are fed with a set of questions that are supposed to be asked to the users to better understand their queries. The questions could be – “Which city are you located in?”, “What budget are you looking at?”; “Would you like us to call you?” etc.

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While interacting with them, the answers to these questions reveal the basic needs of the users. Hence, you are getting potential leads for your business. These leads are the closest ones to finalize a deal. Now you can prioritize them and put your maximum effort into it rather than getting weaker leads from other sources.

5. FB Blast has Better Open Rates

Social media has come up with the concept of broadcasting your message. Facebook has a feature called Facebook Blast, which is a message broadcasting feature. It has been analyzed that a message sent through Facebook Blast has better open rates than any other email marketing campaign. People also know that a random mail could be spam and hence, it gets nowhere. You can also use the automated marketing campaign with Facebook Messenger wherein you can put your call to action effectively with a good copy to entice your audience.

6. Personalized Content Distribution

Everyone wants to feel special and not a part of the crowd. It can be implemented with Facebook Chatbots where you can interact with your customers by offering content as per his/her taste and desire. Personalized messages work to bring great engagement. It can be done by creating chat copies where the user can see his/her name mentioned and every user should be greeted for the day personally. This activity isn’t very hefty to create but will bring a huge difference to user interaction.

As artificial intelligence is already playing its role here, Messenger Chatbot can trace the user’s location and keep talking to them on that ground. Alternately, the personal preferences of the user are traceable, and hence, personalization may happen with that as well.

So once you have started using FB automated bots, you’ll start receiving contact details of your clients. You’ll also have the preference data, and hence, now you can send the posts to every individual client. Your Facebook Chatbot can send personalized messages to each client, which has been seen to be highly conversion friendly and keep track of clients every step in the buying journey. It virtually assists them from offering the most relevant product to remind them about the items in cart to clear the payments. Everything can be done right from your Chatbot.

7. Sales Algorithm Obedient

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Messenger Chatbot is highly sales funnel obedient. Every business seeks awareness in the initial phase of its product. Awareness implies broadcasting or spreads the word about your business. With Chatbots, people will be intimated about the same. It will be further narrowed down in the sales funnel where people will show their interest in your product. They can then move over to decide if they need that product or not.

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The way you pitch your product plays a major role here as well to close the deal. Make sure to create a highly persuading copy for your chatbot, which can convert your user. Facebook Messenger Chatbot for business can finalize the deal and grab the action from grabbing the lead to payment.

8. Better Conversion through Ads

Facebook has a great feature called Click-To-Messenger Ads. With this feature, broadcasting your message among your retailers is super easy. It is high on conversions as Facebook ads deliver better traffic and lead than any other on social media practice. As a facility, Facebook Ads reveals contact details of your clients, which can be used for multiple pitching and spreading awareness. Hence, your return on investment will be recovered much faster.

The engagement has been the prime forte of Facebook Chatbots, and with Ads, you can communicate the message with your clients or respond to their query much faster. It enhances the scope of your business and sales numbers.

9. Video Sharing

A video always brings better engagement than a text or image as it’s easy to grasp. Facebook Messenger can share your video ads with your clients. You can share a 20MB file in MP4 format very easily. It is an amazing feature for your business as a 10-sec video holds better chances of cracking a deal than the stills and text.

10. Embedded Payment Gateway

Facebook has made available its payment gateway right there in the Messenger. Major brands have the facility for processing the entire payment through Facebook Messenger itself. It becomes highly convenient for the user to complete the payment process while boosting the sales at the same time.

The payment facility available is of two types; native payments and messenger web-view. Native payments can be made from start to finish in the messenger itself. However, if the user isn’t comfortable with that, the messenger website view can be used. It opens a new window for this activity, which is almost the same thing that we see in other payment platforms.

So, if you are a small or even large business owner, you must put your burden on automated bots, and Facebook Chatbot is second to none in that case.

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