5 Practical Tips to Increase Business Leads

October 16, 2019

Lead generation describes the process of showing or capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of increasing sales. It is the most important aspect of a business, but many businesses are having a quality “lead generation” problem.

Your product needs a customer, and for that, you need leads. Some agencies are there in the industry that can increase sales and lead generation for you at the price of your wish, but there are a lot of catches in it.

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that the lead generation strategies should be executed while obeying the rules. One wrong step may lead you to the darker side of your goal. However, it’s not always possible to keep each guideline in mind.

Now you might be asking, “How do I generate the quality leads for my business?

So, here we’ll talk about some easy lead generation tactics and tips which can get you a lot of leads if you dig a bit deeper into them.

1. Use Social Media for Regular Engagement

Social Media is a great place to market your product and receive quality leads. It comes under low-cost lead generation strategies, though it also depends on the platform you choose.

If your business is about professional training, premium offerings, B2B, etc. prepare some good posts for LinkedIn.

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Similarly, if you have a fashion, lifestyle, routine, and creative business, then Facebook can generate great traffic that you can convert into leads.

Quora and Twitter are great sources of getting people engaged. A post that can relate to the problems that people are facing in their life can get you countless leads. Just make sure that your post revolves around your business concept. It has been seen that people publish useless content on these platforms and receive no leads.

2. Offer Freebies to Audience

Everyone loves free stuff. If you are a pen manufacturer, you can offer a free pen to your client. It gives a sense of gratitude to the client. It also gives a certain push to him/her to purchase or at least provide his contact details.

You can even ask them to get you some leads from friends and family. It would be a small investment from your business side, but it can get you quality leads.

Online business owners can provide some free e-stuff like an extended trial period or discount on services for a certain duration. Such offers are loved a lot by the audience, and you can produce quality leads there.

3. Introduce Trial Session

Sensing the ownership of a product brings happiness. Anybody would love to have a hands-on your product. For this, identify your target audience first and organize a meet up with them. During this meetup, demonstrate how your product works and how it can decrease their stress. Also, provide some demo pieces of your product to select or every to attend as per your wish. After the trial period ends, try to become a bit of creativity in pitching your idea.

For e.g. if your product is a juicer, you can convince the client with powerful pitches like “you can make 10 glasses of juice in the time you make just 2 glasses with your traditional juicer“, “This juicer is so energy efficient that you can have 3 liters of juice for free compared to your last juicer“. The user has now used your product and knows it’s functioning very well. With such kind of pitching, half of your job to increase sales lead is done. Anything that can add value to one’s routine will bring a win-win situation.

4. Post Blog Consistently

Blogging is one of the most hit methods in digital marketing. It brings influencers and is one of the best lead generation strategies for startups.

Regular bloggers would know the blogging method. For fresher bloggers, research about your product and competition in the market. Prepare a list of products that can be compared to yours. Put these product names on Google, and it will suggest you some good keywords to target such a product. Prepare some good content targeting the suggested keywords, and you are good to publish your content piece.

Publishing content isn’t just about adding your share in the ocean of content. You’ll need to market that. If you aren’t interested in spending too much on your marketing, try to market through social media.

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You can also produce some videos around your product and publish that on different platforms. Apart from publishing your fresh content, you can post your feedback and comments on posts that are related to your product. It could be a cross-question or your genuine feedback.

5. Use Email Marketing Strategy

Being a powerful tool, Emails can capture new leads and customers for your business. Email marketing allows you to segment your customers; so that you can communicate effectively between your brand and customers.

However, you may require them to be filtered, but the filtered one will also be in good numbers. To execute, create a template for your emails. Try to create your pitch on the pain point of the user. Email marketing is one of the low-cost lead generation strategies that can get you quality leads.

Above mentioned list of useful tips will provide you with useful takeaways to elevate your lead generation efforts to the next level.

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