Email Marketing Automation: How It Can Save You Time And Boost Your Sales

September 5, 2023

Email Marketing Automation is the ultimate tactic you need to grow your business intensely. With the evolution of AI and the practices of other marketing tools, spending time on regular and repetitive work is like wasting precious resources and time on unnecessary things. Though things like sending welcome mail and product recommendations hold crucial importance; However, spending all your time on only these is not the need of the hour. Email marketing automation has been introduced to ease the problem and focus on more strategic work to grow your business.
Let’s start with what does the term mean.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

In simple words, email marketing automation is a digital marketing strategy that sends automated emails to subscribers.

Every time a person signs up on your newsletter, it is not necessary that you have to write the welcome email every time someone signs up. You can delegate that task to automation tools like email marketing automation applications.

These tools will link your website analytics to the automation tool, resulting in sending automated messages at the right time. These tools enable you to have a closer look at the customer journey and dedicate more hours to resolve the customer’s issues personally and create a value-oriented brand image. Email Automation has several varied benefits and a phenomenal impact on your business. Let’s look at a few impactful ones.

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation:

There are hundreds of email automation tools that can have amazing benefits for your business if done well.

Following are the primary benefits you get by implementing automated email marketing.

  • More Connected Communication:

How do you feel when an email is addressed directly to you, especially if it’s a promotional email? Research says that over 74% of people get appealed by seeing personalized emails by brands. Personalization is an effective tool to build a connection with the brand and eventually drive sales. It helps you grow connections with your potential customers, create a recall value among customers that will ultimately lead to sales sooner or later, and save tons of time in repetitive tasks.

  • More Focused Work:

Continuously sending similar messages to your potential customers hinders your more critical task. Sending similar messages like product recommendations, checkout emails, or welcome emails costs you more time than required. This affects your business as you are involved in mundane operation work when your time should be utterly devoted to growing the business. Start automated email marketing and let you and your team focus on the more strategic role to grow business.

  • Increased Retention Rate:

Connecting with the customer will most likely increase your retention rate as they will continuously be associated with your brand and know everything about products and offers. They will be easily converted if something exciting comes up, like a limited-period offer. Studies also show that if you build a connection and brand value in the eyes of your customers, they will most likely stay with you for a longer duration.

  • Reaching All Customers:

When you appoint a staff member to manually send the email to each and every person who signs up for your email, there are more chances that some customers may get missed. Human error is inevitable in the manual work. To not leave anyone on your list, email automation is required. You can also save a hefty number of monetary resources by automating the human resource work of manually sending emails. It will automate their work, resulting in either saving money or using those resources to scale the business.

  • Better Targeting:

This email automation leads to better targeting as the email marketing tool gets linked with your website to assess your customers’ behavior on-site. Depending on their behavior and preferences, you target them specifically with personalization that compels them to visit again and complete the purchase. Doing this work manually will involve a lot of time and resource usage, which will also not be authentic enough.

Types of Email Automation:

There are many types of emails that you can send to your customers to stay connected and keep them informed about every essential thing.

Let’s look at the few most common emails.

  • Welcome Email:

As discussed, these emails are sent when a customer signs up for your email list. You sent them a welcome email to let them know about your brand. Studies show that over 74% of people expect a welcome email when subscribing to your email list. Your welcome email increases your income by 320% as customers most likely make a purchase after reading your email through email marketing automation.

  • Cart Abandonment Email:

These are mostly check-out emails that compel customers to complete the purchase. Customers most likely abandon their cart after adding items, and the reasons could be any. Here, you have to entice them either through an offer, products, or any other tactic so that they complete their purchase.

  • Product Showcase Email:

After getting a welcome automated marketing email, your customer expects to receive a product-oriented email to know more about you. Here, you will showcase different product ranges. Don’t forget to add a strong CTA to complete the purchase. This email will lead them to the website, increasing website traffic.

  • Promotional Email:

Now, this may have happened that your potential customer has visited your website but didn’t complete the purchase for whatever reason. Now, your work is to send promotional messages like offers and discounts so that they complete their purchase and become long-term associated customers.

  • Survey or Feedback Email:

In order to grow your business, you should directly ask customers how they can improve. This will give you insightful tips for implementing, gaining constructive feedback, and improving your services. Many customers are happy to share their experiences, while some are quite stubborn and won’t spend a minute for you in this email marketing automation.

  • Re-engagement Email:

If you haven’t heard from your customer for a long time, it’s high time you sent a re-engagement email asking about them and showing your products along with any offer, if applicable. This email automation forms a long-term relationship with customers as they will think that you care about them. This is the most helpful way to generate sales and deeply connect with your customers.

  • Customer Journey Email:

You also receive these automated email marketing emails when you place an order, and quite frequently, you receive an email saying order confirmation, then a shipping email, delivery email, etc. All this automated email marketing involves your customers in the purchase process; it builds authority in customers’ eyes and lets them connect with your brand. You can also cross-sell them through these emails.

  • Onboarding Email:

These are helpful email automation that helps customers navigate the website if they find it difficult to skim. In this type of email, you welcome your customers and onboard them on the website. Here, showcase your products and any current sale or discount you can offer to let them purchase from you.

Tips to Improve Email Automation Results:

We have studied what email automation is and how you can leverage this information in your next automated email marketing campaign. Let’s look at a few helpful tips to gain more impactful results.

  • Track Customer Journey:

These email marketing automation tools provide access to the website’s customer behavior. It shows you every detail, like adding products to the cart, how long customers surf on your site, what products they are interested in, and so on. By proactively analyzing this data, you can target them specifically by adding personalization to their email.

  • Discount Offering:

You might have heard of retargeting the customer or completing their purchase by offering discounts or promo codes. Though these discounts are a great way to increase purchases. However, with too many discounts, you will lose your authenticity and authority in the market. By offering too many promotional offers, your customers will depend on offers only and will make the purchase when you offer them discounts through email automation.

  • Mobile Optimization:

Studies show that over 49% of people open their email on mobile phones. Hence, all your email marketing automation has to be optimized for mobile. If the format and overall content placement are wrong, you may lose a customer, as your authority will diminish without proper placement and design of your email.

  • Beware of Spam Folders:

Your automated email marketing mail can land in the spam folder. Before sending or scheduling any email, ensure it meets all of the FTC’s Antispam Laws. Don’t forget to follow the basic rules, like not all the letters of the subject line should be in caps or the inclusion of “RE:” or “FWD:” also adds your message to the spam folder.


Email marketing automation tools are creating a dominant impact by utilizing all the customer data to increase purchases. Email marketing is not a big deal to master; all you need here is the data to target right, along with integrated knowledge of these email automation tools to help you scale your business. Sometimes, doing all this strategic work alone overwhelms you, as the associated tasks make it hard to manage. For such situations, you can entirely rely on Egnoto.

Grow Your Business with Egnoto:

You can effectively manage all your sales and keep track of your customers by deeply connecting with them if you delegate email automation and other related marketing work to us. We at Egnoto believe in a customer-driven sales approach that has a record of proven results. You may need help managing all the aspects of digital marketing; relying on your business promotional partner like us may prove to be a revolutionary decision for you.related marketing work to us. We at Egnoto believe in a customer-driven sales approach that has a record of proven results. You may need help managing all the aspects of digital marketing ; relying on your business promotional partner like us may prove to be a revolutionary decision for you. related marketing work to us. We at Egnoto believe in a customer-driven sales approach that has a record of proven results. You may need help managing all the aspects of digital marketing ; relying on your business promotional partner like us may prove to be a revolutionary decision for you.

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