Why Businesses Should Invest in SEO during COVID-19 Outbreak?

June 15, 2020

SEO is used to be a must for your business growth and still is during COVID-19. Coronavirus is affecting everything, including businesses. SEO is still vital for your business, but the way of doing SEO has changed. The Covid-19 has affected the user behavior, and you need to understand this change to plan your optimization efforts.

Now, your SEO efforts should revolve around the changed behavior of your potential customers and treat them appropriately. As businesses are facing the worst, the only way that can compensate these severe effects is SEO.

So, let’s discuss why your online business must need SEO during coronavirus outbreak.

Organic Results Have More Traffic

BrightEdge Channel Share Survey says 53% of all traffic to websites is from organic search. When we consider the full search, 83% of traffic is organic, and the rest 17% comes from non-organic search (Paid Ad Results). Many businesses have paused paid search due to Coronavirus pandemic business effects.

It is the time to reevaluate how your PPC ads strategy and support organic results. You should design the best content to drive organic traffic to you, and also consider other SEO techniques to boost your rankings. So, invite customers organically and align them to meet your business goals.

SEO Offers Long-Term Benefits

Search Engine Optimization does need an upfront investment of resources, but the results you’ll get in the form of search engine rankings can persist for years.

Your content creation, optimization, and publishing today will help your brand in the future and can be updated to reflect evolving corporate goals throughout the recovery of the economy. So, you have a chance to review your top-performing content, update it with some users’ intent search queries, and optimize the current conditions.

Search optimization Enhances User Experience

SEO best practices optimize your site and content for the new customer’s buyer journey, which has the additional benefits of improving user experience (UX). The search engine optimization makes your site better organized and more comfortable to navigate as you properly mark up structure tags and otherwise optimize content to meet the traffic and engagement targets.

Hence, evaluate your site today from a user’s perspective because if your user is comfortable, then you’ll be happy. So, continue your SEO, while aiming for the best user experience to get the desired actions from your potential customers.

SEO Boost Your Conversions

We’re considering how it will help a potential user take the next move on their path to conversion throughout the process of content planning and content creation. As consumer’s media needs are so high due to COVID-19, it’s a great time to serve your customers’ journey with quality content to convert them.

Considering the business type you’re operating and the extent to which your business operations have been interrupted, but this is not the time to convert prospects to a sale. However, you can re-optimize for the time being to convert them to another action. This way, you can deepen your relationship and enable you to stay on top of your mind until sales become possible once again.

Freshness Gives Rankings

Content freshness matters. Google prefers to see EAT content and EAT Stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Moreover, we also know that search engines want to show searchers the latest information, as well. Hence, your regular quality content, which is well researched, properly formatted, optimized, unique content, allows you to appear in front of motivated searchers in the search results.

So, update your most popular or high-performing content too to gain the benefit of freshness. You don’t need to add COVID-related content but can ensure that your existing content is up-to-date and continuously consider the content creation.

These are some of the reasons or benefits of SEO that show its importance during the Covid-19 crisis. So, don’t stop search engine optimization for your business website or start doing SEO if you want to keep your business in a continuous mode in this pandemic situation.

Egnoto can help you to do so with its result-driven marketing strategies and certified digital experts. We are the reputed digital marketing and SEO agency that can make a perfect SEO plan for your business to beat these coronavirus odds. So, contact us to discuss your needs and grow.

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