Top 7 Inbound Marketing Trends to Scale Your Business

February 4, 2021

The way of marketing is booming day by day, and you will see the change daily – why? The reason is technology. To provide a better experience, every day, we get introduced to some new technologies. Well, technologies aren’t the only factor for marketing trends; there are other factors as well. Still, we can see the technologies play the most prominent role, helping attract the business to their audiences.

To achieve growth and success in this fast-moving digital world, you need to understand and evolve with marketing trends.

Here, we will be discussing some of the Inbound marketing trends to scale your business:

1. Use Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already shown its impact in the world of technology and for the future of technology. The use of AI in marketing is constantly growing every day. AI machines can perceive from experience just by blending machine learning and a simulation of human intelligence. With the help of AI, you can quickly determine the understanding of your target audience more precisely in inbound marketing.

Various AI tools can help you predict your potential prospect/ consumer’s moves and actions by amplifying their user experience through personalization. These tools are ultimately beneficial for business as it collects and analyses the data.

2. Create Content in Video Format/Video Marketing
We know that video marketing involves the creation of content in video format for achieving business goals. It is one of the practical marketing approaches. Various platforms allow you to share your video content, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Video content can be used in many ways, like it can be used as a podcast by extracting the audio, and you can also write a blog of the video content.

As you offer the audience a piece of content, it engages them. It helps make a better consumer experience. The content strategy builds an active consumer base and reduces the bounce rate.

3. Use Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality (VR) utilizes computer technology for creating a stimulating environment which means computer-generated IRL (In real life) scenario. You can experience such an environment with VR glasses which is a device that allows you to experience a computer-generated 3D world.

With the help of VR, you can efficiently improve and provide better consumer experiences with content and at events. These trends might slowly and steadily be adopted in the market to give a better understanding to the consumer.

4. Voice Search
The number of home devices with voice capabilities is increasing daily, which is the factor for the increment in voice search. Just not only because of home devices; voice search is available on devices like smartphones, smartwatches, desktops, etc.

Voice search is a quick and easy way to interact with the user. The voice search gives extended response to your leads and offers a practical experience as well. The AI voice assistant like Alexa, Siri, etc., enhances personalization and increases the speed of interaction.
It would be best if you considered optimizing the content for voice searches by using long-tail keywords. This practice allows your content to get highlighted in featured snippets of search engines. Understand and apply precise SEO practices to enhance voice search results by fast loading speed and to structure the data. Top position results and featured snippets in SERPs are covered primarily on voice search results.

5. Influencer Marketing
With the help of influencers, you can ask them for endorsement and product-mention on their social media profile as they have a good social following and have a perspective as experts within their niche.

Influencer marketing has higher ROI as it works as the basis of trust which these influencers have built among their following. Their recommendation for your brand to their followers will be beneficial for the brand to generate leads.

You need to research and find them as per your brand requirement. The genuine influencer might not have too many followers, but they have a better conversation rate. This marketing approach is quite costly. It would be best if you also determined your goals. So, the selection of influencers for brand endorsement should be made more precisely.

6. ChatBots
Chatbots are AI programs that simulate human intelligence, which serves to resolve human queries and offer them real-time experience. This AI tool can interact, decode, and resolve human queries, then deliver the solution with a better consumer experience.

ChatBot has a Higher ROI as it can deliver a solution to basic queries regardless of the time. It is available 24*7 for support. This AI tool removes the waiting part seen in customer services, which is why ChatBots are efficient in retaining consumers.

7. Push Notifications
Push notifications are the quickest way to grab a user’s attention. A notification can be seen in any state, whether their device is locked or opened. The short headline and interactive headline of the notifications make the user take further action. It is the best way to keep engaging and retaining users as it improves the customer experience. You can keep updating the users about sales or offers of your product or services to increase sales.

Hence, you should keep up with new marketing trends as the marketing moves fast and every day introduces some new tactics, and that’s why being updated with trends is so important in marketing to scale your business. The marketing trends also help you to track the progress of your business and your fellow competitors. As we have discussed several marketing trends, it can be fruitful for your brand by precisely implementing these trends.

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