Most Common Content Marketing Myths Debunked

February 15, 2021

As we can see, there are a lot of myths surrounding content marketing. These people are still unaware of what actual content marketing is or its real purpose and have beliefs in those misconceptions about content marketing. Such myths stop them from using it in their business promotion strategy.

We have to understand that content marketing is not just done for accomplishing the sales objectives. The actual purpose of content marketing is to create and circulation of valuable content that we help to spread brand awareness, which will eventually result in building brand trust.

Due to such myths, companies fail to create the right content marketing strategy. These myths might result in a slower progression of the brand. So, it is essential to know and rectify such myths about content marketing.

Myths about Content Marketing

1. Content is created only to achieve leads and sales.
This myth makes marketers create content that is not effectively worthy for the audience. Some marketers also think that content is only created for marketing objectives, and they put their efforts into creating content without knowing the users’ intent. It makes them suffer from the least conservation rates because they fail to deliver content that fulfills customers’ actual requirements. Content should be created around all parts of the sales funnel that includes awareness, discovery, evaluation, intent, purchase, loyalty.

Whereas the marketers who give high efforts to create valuable and detailed content for their audience achieve high conversational rates for their company.

2. Written content is sufficient
This myth has been seen with a lot of beginners in digital marketing. They think writing a blog post is enough for readers/audience. There is nothing like enough in the field of content marketing. It is seen that people are more attracted to pictures rather than reading.

Your main objective must be to serve the content in an easier-to-understand and attractive format. After all, it must draw the attention of the audience, Right?

3. Content creation is easy, anyone can do it
The biggest misconception is content creation is easy. It might be easy for the ones who are experienced in the field. It might be done by those who are new but might fail to deliver its practical essence.

Having a piece of appropriate knowledge is necessary for content creation. You have to practice more and more to learn to have a precise skill set. Your experience might help you to make it easy and impactful.

4. Creating a long segment of the content is impactful
Most people think that long content pieces are more impactful because they contain detailed information about each segment. It is also the biggest myth in the world of content marketing.

People are more likely to consume quality content that addresses their problem and solution effectively. If you think discussing each and everything in a single piece will make your content compelling, it is false; they will find it boring, resulting in low conversion rates.

5. Immediate results
Another misconception of content marketing is that – it can produce quick and instant results. People need to understand that content won’t be easily reachable to the audience; it takes time to go viral and nurture.

Content marketing is more like farming; you have to give time on the field more to gain better organic results.

6. Can’t track progress
You can track every minute of details about your content which will help you build a better content strategy.

Using so many analytics tools, you can track content performance like how much it is shared on other channels, likes, comments, and everything that will help you do analysis thoroughly.

7. Content writing and Copywriting are the same terms
Both copywriting and content writing belong to the same genre: the creation and distribution of content, but both have different objectives.

Content writing concentrates more on providing valuable content to its audience to build brand authority. It involves creating blog posts, guides, e-books, etc., whereas Copywriting is all about the content for an advertisement to drive people for sales and leads. It involves creating pay-per-click (PPC) ad copy, landing page copy, and call-to-action (CTA) copy.

8. Content creation is enough
The creation of content is not enough; you will have to know how to distribute it because people wouldn’t reach your content quickly initially. You have to promote it on different channels. Assume you have created a blog post on your website, then you can share it on your social media channel, which will help you drive traffic, and once your content leaves its Impact on people, you can expect reasonable conversation rates.

One should know as a content marketer that he should always be aware of myths and facts that are going out in their market. So, always do deep research on facts and rectify what’s the truth and what’s not.

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