Top 10 Essential Steps of Mobile App Marketing

April 19, 2021

The competition in the App-market is getting insane day by day, and it has become essential to promote your application inefficiently. It would be best if you used the right promotional strategy to drive engagement for your app.

Here, we will check some vital steps which are beneficial for Mobile App Marketing.

1. Get Your App Reviewed and Rated

Everyone researches before deciding to buy a product or services; they usually see reviews from other users. The same thing also applies to the applications. When people know about the application, they visit the app store to check the reviews and ratings to explore the relevance. The review and rating play an essential role in the downloads.

Apart from the reason for downloads, the reviews are also the origin of ideas. So make sure to keep checking out the reviews of the application. You can improve and add more features in-app. So make sure to keep checking out the application reviews, and responding to reviews will help retain the consumers—your response to reviews is also impactful for the researcher.

Hence, it is essential to ask your potential users to rate and review your application on their respective mediums.

2. Build an App Landing Page

A landing page is a page on the website that serves to market or advertise your business. A well-built landing page for your application on your website is crucial as it introduces your company to many users. Thus, the landing page on your website should be impactful, user-friendly, and the website page load speed must be good. If the website load speed is low, then users will lose interest and leave the site.

The content and other essential elements of your landing page should be at the right place where users can access them easily. You should also use graphics, videos, and images apart from text-based content because it helps to develop an interest in users to know more. If the presentation of the page is good, it can turn out to be fruitful.

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3. Optimize the App on App-Store

Like SEO, ASO is practices done for optimizing the application on their respective medium. The presentation & information of your app must be good to attain more visibility in the app store. Mobile app optimization practices don’t require so much expertise. By following the app-store guidelines, as an app owner, you can also do them efficiently.

Apps that are showing at the top of the app store will show a high download rate. The app’s impression in the app store makes them decide whether to download the app or ignore it.

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To optimize the app, add videos and screenshots for the app to get an overview of the app interface and add descriptions for information.

4. Utilize Social Media

Social media is a beneficial platform if used correctly. Most potential users are on social media platforms then why not take advantage of such platforms—the use of social media applications way more than any other application. There are more active users in social media apps, and the number is getting bigger day by day. Social media is the best place to engage more and get attention from more people out there.

For engaging users, keep providing them content and share it on different channels. The visuals-based content gets more attention than text-based content, and people also find it easier to understand. There are various tools available there on social media, such as polls, quizzes, etc., through which you can keep engaging them.

5. Create a Press-Kit

The main objective of the press release is to spread awareness and gather attention among users. A press kit contains the preface of your company and its value for the users. It will cover everything regarding your company’s aims and work portfolio.

Creating an effective press kit is essential to leave an impact on users. Few things can be considered while designing a press kit:

  • Add the website’s links and social media handles to the kit to quickly reach and research it and check updates regarding the application.
  • Add pictures or videos of the application interface to overview how the app will be/ is looking.
  • Mention your partners, developer, designers, and every single person that is working on it.
  • Give a summary of the application describing its features and the value it offers to users.
  • You can also contact info so people can also reach you for business purposes.

6. Research the Market

Researching your market to understand the market is an essential step to create a solid marketing strategy. By gathering information and using it precisely, you define working and can create opportunities through it.

Knowing the behavior and demographics of users can be helpful to know what best you can deliver to them and the demand for services. It would be best if you also prioritized the research on your competitors. Try to know the strategies they are making and using for retaining and attention of users. You don’t need to copy those strategies, but you can build your own to keep “being unique from other” factors.

7. Launch Beta Version

By launching the beta version of the app, users will get the real-world experience of the application. It is also considered the part of testing through which you can understand what features can be added to the application to make it more user-friendly.

8. Work with Influencers

With the help of influencers, you can promote your application. It is one of the practical marketing approaches; it indeed gives the result. You can collaborate with them and ask them to review publicly and promote your app.

9. Referrals and Rewards

You can ask your existing users to refer the application to their friends and family, and for each referral, they will be rewarded. Users will show more interest in achieving rewards. This practice gives the best output for engaging new users.

10. Measure the KPI

It would help if you kept measuring the performance of your apps, such as the downloads, retention rate, in-app activity, etc. By knowing these stats and the in-app activity that users do, you can easily define where you need to work more and the growth of your campaigns.

That’s it. You have indeed gained knowledge through the steps mentioned earlier for marketing the app. Some tools can be helpful for your marketing purpose; you can use them and the above steps that we have discussed.

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