How to Create a Landing Page that Can Generate Leads?

August 5, 2021

The landing pages of websites offer value to the visitors, giving a brief insight into the brand and brand’s persona and generating leads. If the landing page is designed intelligently, then it can be beneficial for the brand. Many people fail to generate leads and conversions even after having a landing page. The reason behind their failure is failing to deliver the aspects of the landing page.

Here, you will know many things regarding the landing pages and various methods, which can be beneficial for implementing the landing page more accurately.

What is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

The web page where visitors arrive after clicking on an ad is known as the Landing page. A lead generation landing page takes the website visitor to another page that offers them a subscription and related things to stay in touch. A lead generation landing page focuses on collecting leads by gathering information of visitors through forms, etc.

It doesn’t mean that every visitor that visits the lead generation landing pages will surely buy your product or services. They might come across all the way just to checkout instead of purchasing to gather information.

The lead generation landing page acts as the initial phase of the conversion funnel. Usually, visitors gather the resource and give their information which contains their name, email, industry, phone number, or company size.

As the information is gathered, it is seen that the prospect is qualified or not, then other practices are done to bring them closer to sale.

How is It Different from A Common Webpage?

The critical factor that makes a landing page different from a webpage is the aim of generating leads. The landing page focuses on generating leads and conversions by gathering information from visitors. It is wholly designed for marketing objectives, whereas the homepage and websites are intended for exploration—the Landing page guides visitors for the call to action by offering them value as designed for conversion.

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A landing page focuses on various things from/ for visitors’ experience such as the call to action, lessen the interruption on the page, audience targeting, and many other things.

How is It Effective in Capturing Leads?

The landing page is effective in many ways in capturing leads as these leave good impressions on visitors by providing value to them.

Eventually, you can promote a new product or service efficiently through it, which also enhances the page’s visibility on search engines. The visibility in search engines will bring more web traffic through which you can generate more leads and conversions. Ultimately, it generates leads and conversions that help in achieving business goals.

Here, we will discuss some tips. These tips can help you to build an effective landing page for your website through which can generate leads and conversions:

1. Create Relevant Content as Per Target

Your landing page should be tailored with relevant resources according to the target audience’s preferences. By adding relevant content, it becomes the reason for standing out from others.

The content should have been designed so that it can be easy to understand and enjoyable through which visitors can get appropriate information that presents the services and brand authority.

To make the landing page eye-catching, you add and provide content in various forms such as Videos, Infographics, Guides, E-books, Articles, etc.

2. Focus on Design

The design of the landing page is one crucial factor for driving leads because the design tells a lot about the brand’s persona. For generating more leads, you have to work on the design part of the landing page.

The landing page should be designed in a way that it can be easy to understand. The design should be impactful, and to create it, you can consider these points:

  • Choose the suitable color palettes
  • Shapes and size of the resources should be maintained
  • Give white space precisely
  • Allot the title accordingly

3. Practices for Call to Action(CTA)

The most crucial part of paying more attention is the call to action while working on your landing page. A call-to-action serves the purpose of driving the actions from visitors on the landing page. The landing page should be designed as well as impactful.

The most common actions that you will on landing pages are:

  • A registration form (personal details)
  • Buying a service/product
  • Asking for a call back (contact details)
  • Free trial (personal and bank details)
  • Subscribe to a newsletter (email)

4. Do A/B Testing to Improve Your Conversion Rate

A/B Testing can be helpful to improve your conversion rate as it allows you to know your page’s performance by comparing two different versions of a similar page as Page A and Page B, where page A is called the control and Page B is called variant. Page B is that page that is going to measure its performance.

For this testing, we will create a new form that goes on the landing page variant with the help of A/B testing tools. This process will take time, and as a result, you see leads from page B as well that were brought from the new form.

5. Create Limited Time Offer

The limited-time offers excite the leads to purchase the goods or services as it develops the FOMO (fear of missing out) inside them.
Limited-time offers to make visitors take decisions quickly to redeem the offer. As a result, most people end up buying services or products due to this reason.

6. Add Customer Testimonial

Before working/purchasing goods/services of any brand, people do research and rely on customers’ feedback and trust it more. Customer testimonials give social proof of work to visitors. It describes how the brand works and how it maintains its relationship with its customers. These practices can enhance the brand’s authority among visitors.

In conclusion, we discussed many tips that can be helpful for you in creating an effective landing page for your website. You must focus on the design more because the visitors will like a clear & simple landing page, removing all distractions and keeping your leads focused on the goal.

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