How to keep hackers away from your E-commerce website?

July 15, 2018

This is a run of fake vs. real. It is an important factor for the e-commerce section to deal with security and protection. Well, it’s your duty to protect and relief your customers from hackers.  It should be on the top priority of securing your customers from hacking. Sharing this content is an effort to create more awareness against hacking and fraudsters.

Here are top 10 tips for protecting your e-commerce site from hacking and fraud.

Don’t save or collect customer data that is not useful

Stealing the things which you don’t have is challenging yet difficult for hackers and identity thieves. Do not go for collecting personal numbers and saving personal data. While processing to credit cards make sure that you have an encrypted channel. This might be hectic to customers but has divine benefits.

Update your e-commerce solutions SSL\TLS for encrypting browser communications

Encryption is another name for protection. The communications between the e-commerce websites and browsers that too while exchanging text with some extremely confidential data, make sure of using the latest version of the current encryption algorithms SSL or TLS must be maintained.

Test your e-commerce solution regularly for susceptibilities.

You need to go on with regular scanning for the presence of the malware. Hire cybersecurity consultants or ethical hackers for catching up the vulnerabilities.

Eliminate software that jeopardizes website security.

To eliminate possible vulnerabilities from JAVA, modern web development code, such as HTML 5 will help you definitely. Try to evict Adobe flash and other apps which are prone to weakness.

Always protect the perimeter.

Sometimes the boundaries of the network of you and your business partner exist within same. Not only this, even your networks are easily accessible to other companies too. For that sake, you should strictly follow (ICAM) restrictions-identification, credential, and access management.

Correctly form perimeter defenses.

It’s not difficult to buy a firewall, but it needs to be configured in a proper manner to get the beneficial results. Given below are some of the security services which is a must-have for a website.

  • Data loss detection and prevention
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • DDoS protection
  • Antivirus/anti-malware
  • Reputation defenses
  • Fraud management
Whatever the mode of communication that interest hackers, it should be encrypted

Each and every aspects of your communication with your business partner must be encrypted including your email too.

Verify your customer’s credentials, before trusting them

There are many fake stories around you so it’s better to verify before you proceed further. For making payments make sure with address verification and CVV number. These too can be the strongest proof for your customer’s credentials.

Choose your hosting service provider with caution

Select that hosting service provider for whom the success of yours is equally important as its own. Go with someone who offer these –

  • 128-bit AES encryption (256-bit if possible)
  • Comprehensive logs
  • Regular backups
  • Regular network monitoring
  • Written procedures and policies to handle a breach
  • A single point security emergencies contact
Be careful at each and every step.

Little care with a lot of awareness day to day can evict the existence of identity thieves and hackers. Hence, they will become powerless. With the next three key steps you can monitor and eliminate your problems and they are –

  • Testing
  • Attending
  • Fixing
  • Monitoring

Security is the prime factor for online buyers. If you are lacking with security or the security has taken for granted then be prepare to bear the consequences in the form of huge losses. Your customer must be secured and confident to what he chooses. This process is an ongoing process hence; it should not be abandoned once started.


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