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August 8, 2018

After Facebook, having an Instagram is a sign of smartness and up gradation. From politicians to actors everyone is using Instagram. Constructing a strong Instagram account following is a great way to build an audience. Think about Cristiano Ronaldo, the most popular footballer with more than 14 millions followers all over. Just imagine if someone like him endorses your product? Results will be ironic!! There are many such ways for you to promote the stuff. Let’s just find out how?

Here are some tools that are used by successful brands & influencers:
a) Social Drift

This tool is a two-way engagement. You can pick the follower and also it allows you to choose your follower. This tool is a must-have for people who unwilling to sacrifice their quality followers and to create a strong audience.

b) Grum

This tool helps you to slate posts on Instagram from your computer seamlessly. This is ultimate for Instagrammers with great content. It allows organizing of captions and comments in advance.

c) Owlmetrics

It’s an Instagram analytical tool for a growing audience. Also, it is capable of analyzing your performance with respect to follower growth as well as post engagement.  Marketers that are quick in nature and collect, analyze and correct achieve the great results.


Being a social networking site Instagram mainly focus on visual content. Its main motive is to flaunt but in a way better. VSCO gives you all rights irrespective of what skills you have! To edit the images and videos make them stunning as professional.

e) Later

This tool functions like storing and schedule. Social marketers that are willing to create a content calendar can make the good use of this function.  It comes with a feature of content- management for example –

  • Bulk media up loader with labels and tags.
  • Repost instagram content.
f) Woobox

Woobox is a treasure hunt. It allows the companies to create contests on social media for increasing the number of followers, amass leads and to drive their online sales.

g) Canva

Like adobe reader and ms paint, this tool to helps to create designs in a few minutes. Without many struggles, you can make your own authentic design just like professional designers.

h) Linktree

Linktree is an advantage for an Instagrammer to link with another out-of-the platform website. It can turn one link into several others and called an intermediary landing page. This helps visitors to choose exactly where they want to land on the website.

i) Juicer

With the help of the above tool, you can create 10 feeds from just one post at the same cost containing 10 feeds. It can encapsulate on any web-page and allows driving the website visitor traffic to your Instagram account.

j) Ink361

It helps to –

  • Manage the content
  • Measure the performance
  • Keep an eye on competitors

Ink361 is great tool that can help the marketers to gain access vigorous all in one tool without making an investment at first. There are so such charges for using Instagram as if for now.

Over 800 million monthly users, Instagram is storming worldwide. It has now become a platform with great opportunities lying to make and take business, purpose, men and thing shine globally. Using the above tools can be a successful attempt towards increased sales and business growth.

Let’s reward your scrolling.

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