Weak SEO Can Shut Down Your Business

September 9, 2019

SEO is a key component for nurturing a business. SEO strategies surefire your steep growth rates and revenues. You must always consider SEO techniques to achieve your business goals, but not implementing these techniques correctly can lead to adverse results like CTR fall, low revenue, etc. The specific term coined for improper use of SEO technique is Weak SEO. Weak SEO stands for optimizing the website under the webmaster guidelines but not matching the quality standards. Weak SEO interrupts your business development and cause your online business closed. You should know about this aspect of SEO to avoid any unfavorable instance to your business.
Let’s discuss Weak SEO and how to overcome it to protect your online business.

Thin Content:

Thin content means content with low or no value to the user. Content is like the fuel of your vehicle, and with low-quality content, you won’t go long. If you don’t have quality content, you won’t get fruitful results as well as reliable customers. Always focus on quality rather than quantity because tons of garbage makes no sense as compared to limited valuable stuff. You should consider webmaster guidelines and design your content accordingly.

For creating rich quality content, you should first set your goal to write content than research about the concerned topic and forge a compelling content providing value.

Avoiding Keywords:

Keywords are the phrases or words customers use to search for a query. Proper use of keywords can uplift your growth rate, but using irrelevant keywords can degrade your ranks and visibility. Low ranking websites are of no use for users. You should know the benefits and use of keywords to get the best outcome. Keywords in your websites or page’s content can improve your relevancy to a particular query, and Google shows the most relevant pages at prominent positions.

You can use keywords in the blogs, landing page content, meta description, titles, and many more. You just need to pick the possible keywords that a customer could use while searching for a niche like yours. Many online tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc. can tell you every possible keyword with their traffic acquisition potential. Choose high commercial intent keywords that can fulfill your business goals and user demand.

Ambiguous Website Navigation:

You designed an eye-candy website with the programming and graphics, but if your website is hard to surf, then your hard work is senseless. Effective website navigation is a must thing because crawlers and users skip a complex website. If your website isn’t crawled, your entire efforts go in a dump yard because your website will neither get indexed nor appear in search results. No matter how good your content or services are, if it is not available to users, its a total waste. You should use breadcrumbs and proper webpage interlinking to avoid the above circumstances and face business closure, before starting.

Poor Page Optimization:

Your efforts to create quality content don’t matter if it’s not served appropriately. A poorly optimized page is hard to understand for crawlers and users, as well. If a user can’t find value to your page, then why would he stay and revisit? He might recommend others not to visit your page, which is undesirable. You should use proper nomenclature or layout to convey context to the users & bots efficaciously. Poor optimization also comprises many factors like improper meta description, irrelevant title, etc.

Meta description advertises your website and entices your potential customers to visit the website, so, inadequate meta description deters users and reduces CTR. Create a compact and meaningful description that best describes you and attracts users. So, create compelling title and meta description to make users visit your SERP result.

No Image Optimization:

Images are a great way to express your objective to the users. However, the use of large images slows down the page loading. Google prefers quick loading websites. It creates a dilemma of using images because images enhance user engagement but affect speed. Speed doesn’t make a significant impact but gradually decreases your rank, which pales your business. A big firm can recover, but a small business can’t survive even a little loss. The solution to the above dilemma is compressing all the images you are using to suitable quality.

Other things that you should account are ALT text and image name. ALT text helps bots to understand the content of the image and increase you rank in search results. Similarly, the image name is also essential because it also helps in better understanding the imaging objective and strengthens your ranking. Name your file, which best conveys image concern.

Barely Responsive:

People use different devices to access the internet, and optimizing websites for every device is crucial. Most of the people use mobiles, and if your website behaves abnormally on the mobiles, then you are losing tons of potential customers every day, which no one can afford. Avoiding a mobile audience is like ignoring treasure beside you. Responsive web designs are used to provide excellent experience independent of screen size. Google also gives top priority to mobile-friendly websites. So, you should ensure your website is responsive to every screen size.


These are the forms of Weak SEO that can shut down your business, and you should always avoid these vulnerabilities. Many other factors can affect your business, and Weak SEO is one of them. Always serve quality in the best manner and enjoy your growing business. Only you need to strive for a great business and avoid any antigrowth factors like weak SEO.

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