Top SEO Tactics to Boost Ecommerce Sales in 2020

February 24, 2020

We are witnessing the boom of online shopping these days, and it’s increasing rapidly. According to Statista, in 2019, retail e-commerce sales exceeded 2.3 billion dollars around the globe. The market for online shopping is going to keep increasing in the coming years also.

You’ve innumerable opportunities to fetch and earn profits, but due to amplifying the popularity of E-commerce business, many businesses keep popping out, increasing the competition. It would be best if you built a unique online presence to stand out from the competition and attract users to elevate sales.

Search Engine Optimization is the only way to gain online business, and you should consider SEO tactics to skyrocket your sales.

Let’s discuss effective e-commerce SEO tactics to drive tons of sales in 2020.

Do Proper Keyword Research

Understanding your market and potential audience is mandatory to increase your product sales. It would be best if you researched your specific niche and buyer persona with effective keyword research and analysis. There are many keyword research tools available that can help you filter the most prominent keywords used by your potential audience.

These tools offer detailed data about the search volume of keywords and competition on them. So, with the help of various insightful data, you can filter your keywords to rank in Google and drive traffic to generate leads.

Include Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords can give a substantial hike to your product sales. Firstly, long-tail keywords don’t have high search volume and competition, and you can easily rank on these keywords. 

Moreover, long-tail keywords are more specific and near conversion. So, you don’t have to make extra efforts, and users will convert easily.

Hence, to grow your e-commerce business and sell your products, you must include long-tail keywords in your keyword research and content creation strategies. 

Ensure Consistent Website Architecture

Smooth website navigation and architecture are essential to help search engines crawl and index website content. When a user searches for something, search engines look into page index and show top relevant indexed pages to the user. 

If your website has ambiguous and incompatible architecture, then crawlers won’t read or might skip your website or a particular page, and you’ll never be visible to your audience.

Furthermore, in case your website is indexed, but the user is facing difficulty in navigation, then you won’t get any remarkable number of sales. So, make sure your website has a seamless architecture for crawlers and users as well. Also, define categories and subcategories to classify website data, products, etc.

Enticing and Flexible E-commerce Website Design

Your website is your online store, and there are no attendants like you see in physical stores. Your website should have an easy to understand and compelling interface to attract, engage, and convert the user. You should make sure that users won’t face any difficulty in accessing products, check out process, and any other stages.

Big Eye Deers says 75% of consumers consider design as one of the significant factors to conclude a brand’s credibility. So, consider this and build an enchanting E-commerce portal that can assure flawless user experience.

Do Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit can help you detect various errors, affecting your ranks and traffic. You should run a detailed check to encounter all possible issues and resolve them. The most common mistakes on websites are redirects, broken links, duplicate content, and un-optimized images. These errors hurt your ranks and sales consequently. You can take the help of online tools to get audit your website, and you have to fix the mistakes.

Moreover, websites also suffer slow loading speed. Page loading speed is a ranking factor, and slow speed can diminish your ranks in SERP. So, optimize the speed of your site and make sure it loads quickly on all devices.

Additionally, you should improve the Meta title and description of all your web-pages to drive users to your site and escalate your product sales.

Add Mobile SEO in Strategy

More than half of the total traffic comes from mobile devices, and it’s essential to be mobile compatible to boost your E-commerce product sales.

Nowadays, everyone has a smart-phone, and people surf the internet more on mobiles than computers due to handiness and portability. So, you can generate massive leads from your mobile audience, and you should be ready to host them.

For the betterment of user browsing experience on mobile, Google introduces a mobile-first indexing update, which prioritizes the mobile-friendly website during indexing.

Hence, you can get sky-high ranks and sales by considering mobile SEO.

Count Blogs in Content Development

Informative blogs have ample effect on rankings and leads. You can approach all your possible audience through blogs by adding all relevant keywords, and the information in blog content. You can’t use all keywords in product details, and unnecessary use of keywords comes under stuffing, which is against search engine guidelines.

You can explain your products to users through blogs, which makes visitors comfortable with the product and enhances the chance of a conversion. You should include the pain points of users in the blog content, and explain ways to resolve points through your products. 

These are some of the result-driven top Ecommerce SEO tactics to uplift your sales. You must always consider these SEO tactics to rank in SERP and increase your product sales graph. Egnoto is one of the top digital marketing agencies that can help you accomplish your business target through our results-driven digital marketing strategies.

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