How Can Facebook Video Ads Benefit Your Ecommerce Business?

February 4, 2020

Social media marketing has proven its magnitude in digital marketing strategies. Experts always give substantial consideration to social media marketing because of the boom of various social media channels in recent times.

Almost everyone is on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, LinkedIn, and if drill-downs more, then according to Statista, Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users. You can imagine the countless opportunities you can have from this vast user base of Facebook.

Facebook Ads allow one to approach their potential customers to meet their desired goals. Now, if we consider the current scenario, then users are more likely to consume visual data, and you can skyrocket your marketing strategy with Facebook Video Ads.

So, if you want to boost your e-commerce sales, let’s check out how Facebook video ads can benefit your e-commerce business.

Facebook Users Actively Browse Videos

According to 99Firms, Facebook videos receive more than 4 billion views every day, and this data completely defines the popularity of videos. Now, the audience is there, and you need to interact with them with an engrossing video to accomplish your sales targets.

A video that matches your buyer’s persona, and somewhere discuss and solve their pain points can extensively encourage their buying intentions. Facebook video ads can ensure the success of your upcoming sales, and help you beat your targets.

So, augment your e-commerce business with Facebook Video Ads.

Video Ads Fetch User’s Attention Extensively

The human brain better responds to the visual content, and if we consider videos, then Vidyard says, brain process videos 60K faster than text. Hence, a compelling video for your potential customers can get the top-level results; you can’t get with any other options. Every e-commerce business with a successful social strategy considers Facebook Video Ads by default. You can attract your customers and promote your products to magnify your CTR and sales consequently.

Facebook Video Ads Amplify Engagement

As discussed above, an interactive & informative video holds the user’s interest better. Furthermore, videos encourage user involvement that helps in increasing the likes, comments, and shares. These user actions nurture your authority and drive traffic.

Facebook videos can generate ample visitors for online websites and physical stores as well. You need to provide quality videos, effectively narrating your message to engage & convert your customers. And if your video achieves success to gain your customer’s trust, then users will help you enlarge your customer circle through shares and referrals. So, uplift the user engagement on your online store with Facebook video ads.

Video Ads Magnify Brand Value

Brand value is one of the crucial factors that a user considers while making a purchase decision. Therefore, you should have a strong profile to ensure sky-high sales. Your brand authority defines the quality of your products, and if you don’t have a decent online reputation, then you can’t get any conversion no matter how good your products are.

Facebook video ads can help you spread brand awareness and strengthen your credibility. Videos can fetch quality traffic and high conversion, which escalates your brand value. So, surefire your e-commerce business success by building impressive brand value with video ads.

Facebook Video Ads Invigorate Product Sales

High conversion or sale is the ultimate motive of an e-commerce business, and video ads can help you hit your aim. Firstly videos drive users enhancing the CTR; also, users interact with introductory or product explanatory video, which makes the user product friendly and encourages purchase. Comprehensively videos invite the user and pamper the buyer persona to convert.

The average conversion rates on Facebook are 9.21%, which can add substantial value to total sales. Videos create an emotional bond with the user, increasing your trustworthiness and conversion.

Videos can Success Your Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing is an essential tactic to improve your sales and give that final push to the customers near conversion. Sometimes customers browse a product and leave; now, you can convert them by showing that product with its quality features.

You can show them a video containing the product details, its benefits, and highlighting their pin-points, which can highly impact the buyer persona. So, don’t let go of this amazing opportunity and retarget your potential customer to escalate your conversion rates.

Facebook Video Ads are Cost-Effective

Digital marketing consists of various tools and strategies which cost differ; even Facebook ads cost differently. If we consider Facebook Video Ads only, then it’s an economical way of marketing your e-commerce business. As you know, videos have a high conversion, and you can get substantial returns from the video ads investment. Videos are worth investing because of a better response than any other medium of content.

A test by HubSpot concluded that videos receive 20% more clicks than images. Hence, make a wise decision and include Facebook video ads in your social media marketing strategy.

These are some benefits of Facebook Video Ads for e-commerce businesses. Videos are the type of content users like the most, and you can make some profit by serving the users what they prefer, video ads.

If you haven’t any idea how to start with Facebook video-ads marketing, don’t worry! Egnoto is one of the legit digital marketing agencies, and we can help you do a successful e-commerce business through our top social media marketing and other services.

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