5 Common Website Design Myths Debunked

August 29, 2019

How does website design impact your visitors and your business?

Your beautifully designed website creates the first impression of your brand, in front of the customer or audience. Your website’s design is an important part of your online marketing presence. For a new customer, your website is the business portfolio that gives them detailed information about your services and products.

So, it’s crucial to think twice before making your website live without understanding the proper website’s design concept.

In this digital era, countless businesses are battling to grab the top position in SERP as well as elevate sales with every possible tactic. However, they skip heeding on the website design part that makes the online competition tough and complicated to compete.

There are many myths associated with the web design that dispel you from getting the desired results from your online business. So, below are the five common website design myths that need to negate.

Myth 1: A Website is “Set & Forget”:

The misconception is common that your website designing task is over once the designing is complete. The reality is, in the changing technologies, it’s crucial to transform your website and integrate new technologies to make it better in terms of user behavior as well as the competitiveness.

Truth: Every website needs a redesigning/upgrade with the changing industry standards and customer demands.

Myth 2: Website Desktop Version is Sufficient:

The stats reveal that there are 2.71 billion smartphone users across the globe. It is an opportunity for the online business owners who want to promote their sales and services to the next level. Today, more than 80% of internet users surf on their smartphones instead of desktop. It makes a high necessity for you to code responsive websites instead of restricting your design to desktop users only.

Truth: It’s highly recommended to design your website for all devices and make it responsive to enhance your customer-reach and sales count.

Myth 3: Content is The Only Requirement:

Undoubtedly, content plays a distinct role in a unique representation of your website as well as business services. However, this doesn’t mean you entirely rely on adding lengthy content on your website. Users return from your website if they don’t find the proper presentation of information, which they expected. It will not only increase the bounce rate of your website but also harm your online visibility and business reputation.

Truth: Making descriptive content is better than creating a tedious passage. Still, your website needs an appealing design with using rich content to entertain your audience.

Myth 4: Rich Media is Only to Cover White Spaces:

Most of the website designer think that there is no need to add the rich media in a website. They even consider using the videos, graphics, only to cover the white space on your website and make every part of the website occupies. However, the rich media (video, GIF, animations, etc.) are beneficial to bind the customer to your website and increase the time-on-page.

Truth: The rich content is used to boost customer engagement on your website. However, it should be used smartly to avoid page load time.

Myth 5: Color Has No Impact On Your Website Visibility:

The color palette you choose in your website designing plays a vital role in building its online presence and binding your audience. According to one fact, the color theme boosts your website recognition by 80%, which you won’t expect to miss anyhow.

Truth: Color palette you opt for your website must justify the website design, website theme, and the user behavior that will make it an eye candy in front of your audience. So, selection of the right color theme is crucial.

Now you have understood why a good website design influences visitor behavior & your business reputation. The use of images, background theme, color theme, font style, and content layout must be in line with the expectations of your average user. If your website looks unappealing or outdated, your target audience will immediately have a negative impression of your business, and in the long run, you will get a bad opinion for your brand.

So, investing in a website design can build a good impression & trust among your visitors and generate profitable business.

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