AI and Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

December 16, 2023

Once a part of science fiction, it is now a reality. Yes, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence, AIs. As the day passes, they become a part of our life. Businesses and big international corporations have noticed it, too. It has already caused a lot of stir & controversy in the market. European Union went ahead and passed a regulation on the use of AI to protect its citizens called the AI Act.

The Global Artificial Intelligence market is estimated to be around $136 billion & is expected to grow by 13x in the next 7 years. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.1%, it is estimated to reach about $1.81 trillion by 2030. 83% of companies claim to have AI as a top priority in their plan [source: website].

In short, everyone is working on it, so why should your business remain oblivious to it? You can, too, take advantage of the new trend and integrate your brand with AI to boost revenue. An effective way to achieve your AI goals is to hire a digital marketing partner like Egnoto Pvt. Ltd. Here, we will discuss how you can do it, but before that, let’s clarify what an AI or ML is.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is software that performs a task that is related to human intelligence. It can learn from new inputs & adjust its decision accordingly. In contrast, Machine Learning (ML) is part of AI that aids computers in learning from input data and past records. ML uses algorithms and various learning models to make predictions.

All this work is done with minimal to no human intervention. Now that the basic terminologies are clear let’s move on to the next point, i.e., how can AI marketing be helpful in your business growth?

How Can You Use AI/ ML In Your Business With The Help Of Digital Marketing?

For Analyzing Data & Gaining Insights

An AI can process data and record at a pace that humans can’t even achieve. This leads to significant fast processing, collection, and evaluation of data. The more data a company has about a user, the more they can advertise their product effectively.

An AI can examine user data, behavior, past search history, and purchases to show relevant ads and personalized campaigns. Targeted ads with improved precision and aid sales for your business. Interested customers are more likely to see ads, and thus, it will improve your sales.

For example, a furniture company can target ads and products to customers who have been actively looking for a gaming chair. This will help customers find products more quickly and help the company in making sales.

For Improving Personalization And Enhancing Customer Experience

From research conducted by Epsilon, it has been shown that almost 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when a company gives a personalized experience. “How can an AI be useful here?” you might ask.

An AI can scan through your customer’s profile and their past search history and likes to estimate which product they might be interested in. This will help you narrow down the products & display the ones that are more likely to sell. What we just read is the predictive analysis used by AI to boost future purchases. An AI would give you an enhanced understanding of customers to improve services.

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Hence, it will increase your productivity. In case you are wondering how to do this, Egnoto Pvt. Ltd., an experienced digital marketing firm, is at your service. Just give us a call & we will make your digital presence robust by integrating your system with AI marketing.

Chatbots As Virtual Assistants

What is an AI-powered chatbot? How can it help your business? You see…a chatbot can be integrated into your website & app. When a visitor comes, it would ask for assistance with products or services. It will provide direct answers to your customers’ queries. Getting instant answers will boost the product’s confidence and will likely make a sale.

This virtual assistant will be available on your website or app 24×7 and 356 days a year. Night or rain, it will work for you with minimal cost. To incorporate a chatbot into your company’s website, contact us. We will help you get high ROI with modern AI marketing tactics.

Creating & Optimizing Content

We all need content on our website to inform visitors about the company, products & brand. But do you know that optimized content with relevant keywords can increase your SERP ranking on Google or other search engines?

An AI can check grammar, punctuation, etc., and can tell you which words could be replaced with more powerful words. It can help you design content that can bring quality backlinks and feedback in comments.

Preventing & Detecting Fraud

Fake reviews, spamming comments, and putting faulty links have sadly become a harsh reality these days. Some may do it intentionally, while others may do it for fun. Either way, your company is the one that has to pay at the end of the day.

By merging AI-powered algorithms, you can eliminate all of these. It will search for the pattern & flag potential fraud activity. This will help you remove those comments & reviews before they damage your brand.

Automation Of Routine Tasks

Repetitive and time-consuming tasks can consume a lot of workspace, manpower, and operational costs. To eliminate all these, you can use an AI-powered algorithm. They will do tasks such as basic reporting, optimizing contents, managing meetings, scheduling meetings, keeping up with the data analysis & displaying results that favor your brand.

Not to mention, an AI can make decisions based on real-time data analysis. It will positively allow you to make changes in your ads or social media campaigns promptly.

Achieving The Best Resource Allocation

Artificial Intelligence, along with Machine Learning, will boost your revenue model by analyzing inventory and distributing it appropriately to the relevant departments. This will improve your return on investment (ROI).

Data-driven decisions are at their peak in today’s market. Almost all brands use it to improve customer acquisition and strengthen their market presence. You can do it, too, by connecting with us.

In The End

The scope for Artificial Intelligence, along with Machine Learning, could turn out to be vital for businesses when combined with digital marketing. So, don’t delay anymore. Take your company’s profile to the next level with Egnoto Pvt. Ltd..

We offer expertise from website development & maintenance to managing your social media profile, making your website SEO-friendly and responsive, and much more. So, get set and go with AI marketing. Contact us for digital services.

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