9 Best Tactics to promote your blog content on FB!

October 30, 2018

Blogging is an art and so as its promotion. Indeed there are many ways to promote your content. But if we want to cope up with the trend and want a quick result and a good result then I guess Facebook can be an icebreaker. There are over millions of benchmarks has been set that how things, as well as people, have become famous on Facebook. What is Facebook best at?

  • Its less expensive
  • Global
  • Popular as well
  • Quick
  • Straight to the audience
  • Trendy and fashionable

Let’s throw some light on various options which Facebook usually gives to its users.

Share the post first on your Facebook Page

What not people are sharing on Facebook for getting likes and being popular. The numbers are countless because it’s free of cost. You can easily share your article simply by copying your article’s URL to Facebook’s sharing box soon after posting an article on your brand’s Facebook page.

Boost the post

It will cost you a little. But the results will be satisfying as you can control it in the best way you can at any point in time. All you need to set up a budget, choose the audience and click ‘’boost post’’. For knowing the better results, first, try and set the free campaign.

Use high resolution images and attractive designs

Beautiful things are often captivating. Another significant point to be considered.  How your pages should look? It’s a must for your pictures to be clear, with no broken pixel, freshly designed and of course eye-fetching.

Write appealing copy

How about a charismatic Facebook headline with an astonishing ad image? Sounds great! Yeah? However, there is still a probability of people won’t clicking your ad.

Staring at an awful image next thing is to be considered is the description.  Few policies for writing enthralling copies:

  • Asking queries to grab the attention
  • Common solutions to common problems
  • Facts and testimonials
  • Clear actions showing next step
Create A/B tests

If less confident with the stuff you have? You can create a Facebook ad A/B test and compare the results of different ad versions and optimize the campaign according to its need.

Target your audience

People most likely interested in the articles which you promote can be your targeted or customized audience which can later use for various campaigns. Select the audience wisely.

Create contests

Bring Facebook traffic to your blog by hosting uncommon contests. People will love to participate. And do share those contests on your facebook page. It will definitely increase your fan following. Also, do not to forget to share the images of your contest prize.

Share other people’s blog content

To share other people’s content is an act of brilliance. It will be amazingly helpful to drive Facebook traffic to your blog and website with much of ease. Allow fans to blog, share blog content from industry leaders, use relevant articles to gain benefits.

Include a blog tab to drive Facebook traffic

A blog tab on your Facebook page is a simple way to drive the audience to your website. An easy way to add a Blog Facebook tab is to use an app, such as networked blogs. Once you have combined a tab, your articles get worked up spontaneously to your tab page and your fans can have a look by a simple click.

Promoting your content on Facebook is a piece of jiggling cake. It might look puzzling at once but a thorough study can make you do the mastery. With these simple steps discussed formerly, you can get a good amount of publicity with low of cost.

Let’s reward your scrolling.

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