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Generate & close more leads with targeted campaigns.


Email marketing services


Email is one of the highly effective marketing tactics that deliver high ROI with low investment. Connecting with your customers through your brand name is a smart way to tell your story and cater to the customer’s pain point. With an effective email marketing strategy, you can grow your email database and boost your profit.

Fact: 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.

Do you want to generate more leads with targeted campaigns? Egnoto provides you premium Email Marketing Services at highly competitive prices.

What are the benefits of using email marketing services for your business?

  • Direct approach to the audience
  • The cost-effective medium of marketing
  • Detailed information on click-through-rates, open-rates, conversions, etc
  • Personalized and information-based campaigns for each business need
  • Reach a global audience
  • Unrivalled return on investment
  • Deliver targeted messages

Why believe in our email marketing services?

We (Egnoto) offer you the best email marketing service that will enable a broad spectrum of customers, reaching your website, and built long-term relation with your business. We aim to build your trust across the digital platform and boost customer loyalty in your products/services. Many companies are today driving a vast customer base and sales through email marketing services. Egnoto is a premier email marketing agency with years of experience with different automated tools.

Our dedicated team of email marketing experts lets you acknowledge the new horizon for your business and utilize the best of your resources to grow exponentially.

  • We have a dedicated team for every client.
  • We maintain 100% transparency in services and communication.
  • We provide a 24x7 communication channel to our clients.
  • We offer highly competitive email marketing services.
  • We have hands-on experience with different automation tools.
  • We provide you results in a committed timeframe.

Our Email Marketing


Email List Management

We initiate the process by creating the email list based on your business niche. We ensure We manage the email list with 100% accuracy. We remove the duplicate email addresses on the email list and make sure that the email in your list is existing.

Google Analytics Integration

We make sure all our links shared via email are easy to track on Google Analytics. We integrate Google analytics with email marketing campaigns that help track visits, goal completions, and e-commerce conversions.

Promote Your Email Customer Base

With proven email marketing tactics and expertise in email marketing specialists, we will drive potential customers base to your email directory and increase the list.

Convert Customers

We know the right algorithm to drive high ROI. We provide the highest return on your investment than any other digital marketing channel.

Our Email Marketing Specializations


Informative Designs

We understand what your readers want, and hence our expert team of graphic designers creates an eye-catching email marketing design that will bind the readers and compel them to reach your website/web portal. We provide you unique and ROI-driven email designs.


Every aspect of your branding is essential. So, we make sure your business website, social channels, etc., are well linked with your email. This way, you educate the reader about your reach and offer diverse platforms to stay connected with your services.

Call to Action

A Call-to-Action is an essential component of an effective email. Our dedicated team of email marketers will take leverage of the trend and include the most effective CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons in your email template that will drive huge clicks to your website.

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